Francisca, Frank, Saxon, Viking Throwing Axe

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The Francisca is a throwing axe used as a weapon during the Early Middle Ages by most of the European tribes but mainly the Franks, among whom it was a characteristic national weapon at the time of the Merovingians from about 500 to 750 and is known to have been used during the reign of Charlemagne (768–814).

Every tool is hand carved and finished.
Each design is hand drawn onto the axe to give it an authentic feel.
There is no mass production at any level with my products, no designs, no laser cutters and no stencils.
Made with Passion.

The Plain Axe option is the beautiful but standard axe without any additional design work. If you want something inbetween the 2 options please message me 😊

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Fast service, great communication and most...

Fast service, great communication and most importantly, it's awesome !