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A beautifully twist on an ancient classic. The Seax (Sax) comes from the AngloSaxon for Knife and was made famous by the Nordic Vikings.

90’ 4mm spine and 9” in length. A great knife for Skinning, Fishing, Filleting, Carving, Wild Camping, in the kitchen or just around the garden.
It comes with a great quality leather sheath that can be worn vertically or horizontal on your belt or on a lanyard.

Due to the sharp delicate point, which makes it great for skinning, it is not recommended for throwing or for stabbing into hard materials.

D2 Knife Steel polished blade with Walnut Handles.

Customer Reviews

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Josh Kshlerin Johh
Amazing knife, amazing sheath. Definitely...

Amazing knife, amazing sheath. Definitely a big 👍👍 from me :)

Charles Torphy
I really don't know which I like more - th...

I really don't know which I like more - the knife or the sheath. This is one of the finest knife/sheath combos I've ever acquired. The sheath is simply beautiful - you really don't get a feel for how nice it is from the pic. The knife feels great in the hand with nice heft. I won't be using it until later this year, but the blade and edge look sturdy enough for camp work - I don't expect to be disappointed. An excellent set for the price.

Melanie Monahan
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