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Made With Passion

Discover Unique Custom Gifts: From Coffee Coasters to Viking Axes, Bushcraft Knives to Hand Carved Shields.

I hand draw & carve every piece, no CNC, no printout designs and no mass production on any level. This makes Your gift completely customisable, you can add ANYTHING you want or keep it as nature intended :)

Name in Runes, Family Crest, Favourite Film, Viking Mythology, I have even carved a Frog With A Strawberry on its head for a client.


Awesome & patient as I am a bit of a technophobe. I have a Custom Viking Axe, Axe Stand & a Buckler Viking Shield that I love. I have already ordered another axe (Leviathan Axe) too.

Many Thanks, Paul for your skills & artistic integrity 💋 sent all the way to NZ too 😝

Miss Purple Taylor, New Zealand

So, where to begin? I contacted Paul as I had seen some of his work on Instagram, we spoke about making a set of custom Norse-Themed Viking Axes for me and my brother, he was in constant contact showing me each step of the process and making tweaks to my liking, including writing my name in Nordic Runes, a really nice touch I wouldn't have thought of myself since then I've had numerous items including a god of war-themed Viking Shield.
The items are truly amazing prices of work, and to top it off they aren't just art. The axe is a proper tool quality and doing a great job on logs!
Amazing work, must-have!

Sam Bray - Poole, UK

This wonderful man and his beautiful craftsmanship are worth the money! Me and my partner were lucky enough to be in Wales to go and see Paul to discuss some tools for whittling (battoning the wood and carving) and he gave us his best advice, with that we walked away with these 2 absolutely beautiful pieces. A Bearded Axe & matching Dragon's Tooth Neck Knife. He very kindly took a few extra moments to carve the Runes into the axe for my other half. Honestly, we cannot rate Paul, his kind nature, his knowledge of history, foraging, and his work enough. We will be going back to his website and ordering some more customized works of art in the future because that is truly what these tools are. Works of art! 5* all day every day.

Karianne, UK

Excellent craftsmanship!

Bought one of these knives (Dragons Tooth) as a Christmas gift and both me and the recipient are super pleased with the result!! ("I LOVED it!" being the recipient's words as I'm writing this ;D)

Very nice tradesman too whose communication was swift and concise. Stunned at how he transferred the reference I gave him onto such a small blade so beautifully and skillfully and he made a really cool suggestion for the carving on the back of the knife too.

Cannot recommend him enough and quite frankly the price feels like it's underselling such an uncommon skill :)

A.K. - Scotland
Free UK Postage on most items - Bushman Survival

Delivery - Free UK Postage

How long it takes me to post your items depends on:

  • Plain Item (No Customisation) - Next Working Day to get the item ready and posted.
  • Small Item or Simple Design - upto 1 week, I ensure your idea is drawn onto the item and get approval before I carve.
  • Fully Customised - approx 4 months waiting list!

Plain Items: Knives, Horns, Pendants or anything that isn't to be carved.

Small items include Carved Axe Holders, Coasters or a simple design such as a name carved onto an axe handle. This can be done within a working day :)

Fully Customised - I have a lot of people who want my artwork. This is for my custom Viking Axes and Carved Shields. I allocate a 'Done By Date' within a day, this can be given via chat before you purchase. I work closely with you during this time to get your design just right as a concept then draw it onto the Axe or Shield for final approval by you before I carve.

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About Me

Welcome to my site. I am a Viking Inspired Craftsman who LOVES his job. Not many people can say that.

I work with some amazing clients and make their dreams a reality! I specialize in customization, if I can draw it, I can carve it! From Logos on Pizza Axes, Custom Made Authentic Viking Axes or even a 32" Hand Carved Viking Shield

I have sold to every continent in the world and working towards every country too, with over 500 5* reviews so far. Plus with prices from less than £5, you can get something perfect on any budget!

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