We all struggle to find that perfect gift occasionally, especially for someone who already has everything! 

This is where I can help :)

I'm Paul Roberts; an Army veteran, Qualified Bushcraft Instructor, Craftsman, and part-time Viking! And I LOVE what I do, I love bringing people's ideas to life in the form of their favorite animals carved onto a Viking Shield or transferring their Tattoos onto the face of a Bearded Axe!

My Past

Somewhere random in Afghanistan

I grew up in the mountains of North Wales, a fairly feral child with a love for the outdoors. At 16 I joined the army and spent the next 26 years continuing that trend! It was such a fruitful and rewarding time in my life. It included 5 tours in various war zones including Afghanistan.

How I Got HERE.

As part of my 'retirement' training from the forces, I spent 2 years gaining my Survival & Bushcraft Instructor qualifications. This is where I got the business name from 'Bushman Survival'.

My very wonderful and supportive wife bought me my first Axe; which I decided to engrave and carve. A friend then asked me to customize his Axe too. 

I balanced both loves, Carving & Bushcraft for a few years. Then Covid19 hit the scene!! No more outdoor courses so needed a new avenue to explore. The rest as they say is (medieval) history!

Some Highlights

The business expanded quickly along with my Social Media community, to where I now have 20k followers across my pages! 




Meeting the King!

This got me, and my craft, a lot of attention, and I even found myself invited to the Last Kingdom fans-only event where I got to meet and create some carvings for several of the cast members, including the young King himself. We even had some of them throwing a few of my axes downrange!




What Makes Me Different?


I pride myself on bringing your ideas to life. Usually, it's adding a design to one of the beautiful items from my shop. However; Some of my more unusual commissions have been an Ashes Urn, Hand Binding Axes for a Pagan Wedding, a 6ft War Hammer, a Viking Tent and a digging trowel for a newly qualified Archeologist!

Matching Pair of axes for a Hand Binding

My Aim

I aim to make something that is completely customized to you that you can't find anywhere else! To work closely with you to bring your ideas to life and to do it with passion.

Either make a purchase or message me directly to make it a reality!