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For those who seek power in every swing, Leviathans customized double-handed axe is the ultimate Axe of choice.

The Leviathan axe is the epitome of power and prowess. Double-handed, it's perfect for unleashing your inner warrior, whether you're slaying mythical beasts or felling trees in the forest. But this isn't just any old axe - ours can be customised to perfection.

Crafted from premium materials and honed to a razor-sharp edge by expert hands, this Axe will excel in even the toughest situations. With its unique design engraved into each blade, our Leviathan axe stands out as not just a tool but as a symbol of strength and greatness- ready for anything that comes your way!

  • Customised with any design that you wish! Keep it original to the game or add your own ideas
  • 10" Axe Head on a 1m long handle
  • Usable piece of wall art!

Based on the Leviathan axe from God Of War this is a full size double handed axe! Comes with a 1m long handle, with a 10” axe head and is a stunning but usable axe.

Plain comes polished and with a beautiful hard wearing leather sheath.

Fully customised we can create a design together to make it truly unique to you.

I will work closely with you to create a unique and bespoke design, add unique details such as initials, company name. We can even have it written in the Runes!!

This is a video I took of me working on one of these:

Leviathan Axe

Customer Reviews

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Leigh Jerde
This was an amazing purchase all the way t...

This was an amazing purchase all the way through. The seller was extremely quick answering my questions before I purchased. Once I did place my order he kept me updated with photos and messages throughout.
Shipping was faster than expected coming from England to the west coast of the US (only about a week total). Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship. You can really tell the seller knows what he is doing. I will absolutely purchase from this seller in the future.

Kyle Keeling
Communication with the seller was excellen...

Communication with the seller was excellent, and continued throughout the process of ordering through creation and shipping. The fit and finish on the axe was great, and met all expectations.

Lori Murray
He loves it! Custom with the O'Gara family...

He loves it! Custom with the O'Gara family crest and his tattoo geometry. Not ornamental, this baby will cut a man, once it's been sharpened. I can't say enough good things about this axe or the stellar customer service! I had a hell of a time keeping it a secret until Christmas!