Dwarven Axe

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3 1/2KG of Dwarven Steel!!!!

Stunning plain, even more beautiful fully customised.

Originally designed around Gotrek Gurnisson's Axe from the Warhammer series. This amazing working replica is a one of a kind and isn’t just for display, it easily makes mincemeat of logs and shields alike.

As with all the items at Bushman they can all be customised with carved handles, leather wraps and etched heads based on any design you want!

Just contact me directly or look at my shop 😊

Due to very high demand on 'Fully Customised' items I currently have an approximate 4 month waiting list. The Plain option can be posted within the week.
Once ordered I will message you with an exact date.

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Tyler Cummerata
This axe is of great quality, and shipped...

This axe is of great quality, and shipped very fast