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Make a bold Viking statement at BBQs, Camping Trips, Friday nights or just watching your favourite show with our Nordic Tumblers featuring intricate carvings.

Introducing our exquisite Horn Tumblers, the perfect addition for any beverage enthusiast's collection. These glasses are not just great for everyday use, but also elevate your drinking experience whether it's sipping on your favourite juice or downing a long shot of whiskey. But what makes them truly unique is their rich history embedded in each piece- they can be adorned with your own unique Bind Rune markings that were once used as Viking signatures. Each tumbler can be personalized with initials of your choice through precise carving techniques epitomizing Nordic craftsmanship at its finest. Perfectly suited to sip from while enjoying BBQs with groups or taking along to camping trips, these tumblers will make every Friday night and film/show nights feel like an authentic Norse ritual. Shop now and add a touch of Scandinavia to your home bar!

Our Horn Tumblers or Shot Glasses are perfect for everyday use, whether you prefer a long shot of whiskey or your favourite juice
The smaller glasses make it easy to enjoy your drinks in style
Add a touch of Viking signature to your gatherings with our Bind Rune Nordic Tumblers
Elevate any occasion with our Horn Tumblers or Shot Glasses that come with the option to personalize them with initials or carve them into stunning designs inspired by Nordic culture and history

Make it personal: A quick and simple upgrade on these is me taking a name and making your very own Bind Rune or Viking signature. We all know Harald Bluetooth's modern day Rune as it appears on everyone's phones (Bluetooth symbol). Or I can just add initials or a simple carving in its place :)

Free bind runes on a set of 4 Nordic Tumblers!

Raise your spirits with our Bind Rune adorned Nordic Tumblers - the ultimate Viking signature for any occasion.

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Jan Johnson
Very pleased with the item. Came quickly.

Very pleased with the item. Came quickly.

Lovely horn cup and great communications f...

Lovely horn cup and great communications from the seller.