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Conquer the wilderness like a true bushcraft pro with the Kalahari Bush Axe - your trusty companion for any outdoor adventure.

The Kalahari Bush Axe, a true companion for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you're camping in the wilderness or embarking on a bushcraft adventure, this exceptional tool will make your journey easier and safer. With its sturdy design and sharp blade made from high-quality steel, it can handle anything nature throws at you. Don't let harsh terrain stand in your way; choose the Kalahari Bush Axe to conquer any challenge that comes your way!

  • The oldest Axe design in history
  • The original multi tool, Axe, Adze, Ulu Knife, Scraper, Skinning Blade or general knife
  • Versatile tool for Bushcraft and camping activities
  • Sharp blade allows for efficient cutting of wood and other materials
  • Essential equipment for outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate quality tools in their gear collection

Small, lightweight and very versatile!

Unlike other axes and hawks, this axe does not have a conventional eye. It is designed to be fitted into a root burl of a hard wood.

This is 6”x3”x 1/4” thick

Customer Reviews

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Goose Brakus
Took it camping. Great as a hand knife. I...

Took it camping. Great as a hand knife. I suspect it'll do well lashed to a stick too.

Might make a dedicated handle for a takedown piece


Bought this item several months ago & have tested it above and beyond! Great item. Used this on a n extended trip and it preformed well. Keep it simple. One criticism, could not find the on switch & it don't have a smart app!

Lumbardu Domenico Runolfsson
Ottimo articolo che corrisponde esattament...

Ottimo articolo che corrisponde esattamente alla descrizione.

Caspa Runte
Nice little axe!! Very nicely done! Thanks...

Nice little axe!! Very nicely done! Thanks! Fast shipping.

Josh Gulgowski
A little on the small size but that's what...

A little on the small size but that's what makes it a bushcraft tool. Strong sturdy material, sharp out of the box and can be used for multiple types of cuts. It packs well and it comes with a protective sheath.