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Conquer the wilderness like a true bushcraft pro with the Kalahari Bush Axe - your trusty companion for any outdoor adventure.

An essential part of your EDC, Bushcraft or camping. Ideal gift for any outdoor enthusiast!

Small, lightweight and very versatile!

This Axe design goes back 1.8 million years in the form of the Acheulian Hand-Axe. That isn’t a mistake, 1.8 million years 😳 The design has barely changed since then and has been used throughout the Stone Age, Bronze and Iron Age and still used in the Kalahari tribes today.

Unlike other axes and hawks, this axe does not have a conventional eye. It is designed to be fitted into a root burl of a hard wood.

This allows the tool to be converted in seconds from an axe, hoe, scraper, adze and as a small ulu style cutter.
Great for Skinning, Fleshing a Hide, A Kitchen Knife, Herb Cutter, Bark Removal, Making Cordage as well as chopping trees!

  • The oldest Axe design in history
  • The original multi tool, Axe, Adze, Ulu Knife, Scraper, Skinning Blade or general knife
  • Versatile tool for Bushcraft and camping activities
  • Sharp blade allows for efficient cutting of wood and other materials
  • Essential equipment for outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate quality tools in their gear collect 

This is 6”x3”x 1/4” thick
5160 Steel and fitted with a leather Sheath

Customer Reviews

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Looking forward to hafting this up and doi...

Looking forward to hafting this up and doing some carving. Thanks!


its good but it wasn't sharp at least for me, and having problems sharpening it.

Super bushcraft tool. Very portable and go...

Super bushcraft tool. Very portable and goes in my EDC.

좋은 품질입니다. 날 연마상태도 좋습니다....

좋은 품질입니다. 날 연마상태도 좋습니다. 쉬스도 포함되어있습니다.

Kayla V
My husband was pleased with this item.

My husband was pleased with this item.