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Unleash your inner Viking with our carbon steel Mjolnir pendant - the ultimate symbol of strength and power.

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on a timeless masterpiece inspired by the Nordic culture - the Mjolnir Pendant. This striking pendant is crafted from high-grade carbon steel that promises to stand the test of time. The design features an intricate depiction of Thors’ hammer, a symbol of strength, power and protection for all those who wear it. Let this Mjolnir Pendant be a constant reminder that amidst life's challenges, you can always summon your inner resilience with ease just like Thor did with his mighty hammer! So why settle for mundane accessories when you can have one that leaves its mark wherever you go? Get it now and add class to your style!

  • The Mjolnir pendant is a symbol of strength and power, crafted from durable carbon steel
  • Wearing the Thors hammer pendant can invoke feelings of protection and courage in its wearer
  • As a timeless accessory, the Mjolnir pendant serves as a reminder to embrace your inner warrior spirit every day

Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, is a symbol of Paganism for centuries. The Hammer was produced by Brokker the Dwarf and bestowed to Thor by Odin.

Can be used as a necklace, Key Ring, Bag Tote, Zip Pull. It also produces great sparks with a Ferro Rod and makes a great bottle opener 🍻

As always here at Bushman we can make it completely customised to your wishes. Your Initials, any design, Runes or even your logo just let me know 😊

Customer Reviews

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Graham Dennaird
Mjolnir pendant

A fantastic artisan craftsman of the best quality who deals with his customers
Excellent qualities mix dependent to the highest stand-up if my name on it and keeps you updated and send photos to make sure you very happy with it and I must say it’s of great quality and workmanship extremely happy with my purchase and will buy most stuff from them again

Trevor Pollich
Fast shipping, would do business with him...

Fast shipping, would do business with him again, item exactly as described, even with a change I asked for.

Gareth Bogisich
The mjolnir necklace is well made, love th...

The mjolnir necklace is well made, love the craftsmanship, my nephew is very happy with it. I will definitely be getting one myself soon.

Matthew Goodwin
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Sam Christiansen
Very high quality, always wanted a forged...

Very high quality, always wanted a forged Thor's hammer pendant. This met all expectations and I am very happy, thank you