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Unleash your inner adventurer with the Modern Seax - a fearless fusion of tradition and innovation crafted from premium D2 knife steel.

Introducing our Modern Seax camp knife, a perfect tool for all your outdoor adventures. This knife was crafted to withstand any test of time and is sure to become a cherished piece in your collection. With its sleek design and sharp edge, it's an optimal blend of beauty and functionality. Whether you're hiking through dense forests or camping under the stars, let our Modern Seax be your trusted companion on every journey. Order yours today and elevate your outdoor experience like never before!

  • The Modern Seax offers superior durability and strength, thanks to its premium D2 Knife Steel construction and Walnut Handle
  • Its versatile design makes it perfect for both camping and everyday use as a reliable knife
  • With its ergonomic handle, the Camp Knife provides comfort during prolonged use while maintaining a secure grip
  • Whether you need to chop wood or prepare food, the Modern Seax's sharp blade ensures efficient performance every time

A beautifully twist on an ancient classic. The Seax (Sax) comes from the Anglo-Saxon for Knife and was made famous by the Nordic Vikings.

90’ 4mm spine and 9” in length.

A great knife for Skinning, Fishing, Filleting, Carving, Wild Camping, in the kitchen or just around the garden.

It comes with a great quality leather sheath that can be worn vertically or horizontal on your belt or on a lanyard.

Customer Reviews

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Seth Murphy
Very nice knife, friendly service

Very nice knife, friendly service

I'm searching for a practical Seax knife f...

I'm searching for a practical Seax knife for a while. Than I found this excellent shop. It turned out stunning. Just looking at it is satisfying. Feels great in the hand. Definitely recommend it.

Fernando Eichmann
Estoy satisfecho con el cuchillo. En princ...

Estoy satisfecho con el cuchillo. En principio tuve el temor de que por venir del Reino Unido, tuviera que pagar gastos aduaneros e impuestos, pero no ha sido así. Es un cuchillo artesano y viene aceitado, envuelto en film transparente para evitar la oxidación y con buen afilado, el corte de papel lo pasa bien. Aceitaré también la funda. Cuchillo bonito y con tipología seax, original. Desconozco como responderá con trabajo exigente, pero parece recomendable, tiene muy buen aspecto. Tiempos de entrega como se indican para envíos a la UE.

Paul Gulgowski
WOW if you are thinking of buying one of t...

WOW if you are thinking of buying one of these do not hesitate as you will be sorry. I have to say that they are absolutely fantastic for the money, and the sheath is brilliant quality too. Would definitely buy again
Paul fox

Ian Pouros
smaller than I thought and hard to remove...

smaller than I thought and hard to remove from the sheath as it needs a longer handle. but I guess it's more of a display than a functional knife. I originally bought it hoping to use it as a bushcraft knife. just after purchase the seller contacted me to say its a filleting knife as the point is fine. it looks good with my couple of display items though.