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Unleash your inner adventurer with the Modern Seax - a fearless fusion of tradition and innovation crafted from premium D2 knife steel.

Introducing our Modern Seax camp knife, a perfect tool for all your outdoor adventures. This knife was crafted to withstand any test of time and is sure to become a cherished piece in your collection. With its sleek design and sharp edge, it's an optimal blend of beauty and functionality. Whether you're hiking through dense forests or camping under the stars, let our Modern Seax be your trusted companion on every journey. Order yours today and elevate your outdoor experience like never before!

  • The Modern Seax offers superior durability and strength, thanks to its premium D2 Knife Steel construction and Walnut Handle
  • Its versatile design makes it perfect for both camping and everyday use as a reliable knife
  • With its ergonomic handle, the Camp Knife provides comfort during prolonged use while maintaining a secure grip
  • Whether you need to chop wood or prepare food, the Modern Seax's sharp blade ensures efficient performance every time

A beautifully twist on an ancient classic. The Seax (Sax) comes from the Anglo-Saxon for Knife and was made famous by the Nordic Vikings.

90’ 4mm spine and 9” in length.

A great knife for Skinning, Fishing, Filleting, Carving, Wild Camping, in the kitchen or just around the garden.

It comes with a great quality leather sheath that can be worn vertically or horizontal on your belt or on a lanyard.

Customer Reviews

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The Seax is absolutely amazing, looks grea...

The Seax is absolutely amazing, looks great and sharp as hell. Really great craftsmanship, the handle feels great in hand.

Love the Knife, sheath is okay. It wasnt m...

Love the Knife, sheath is okay.
It wasnt mentioned how long the Blade is, i ordered one anyways because i like the shape.
Pure edge lenght is 10.9cm, up to the handle it is around 11,8cm depending on from where is measured, so it leagal to even carry. Knife back is 7,8cm to the angle and 5,8cm fro the tip to the angeled drop.
The only thing which isnt perfect, is the Holster as it seems not as high quality as the Knife itself: Various thick Leather straps, the push buttons are not really binding, so its not secure when you attach it horizontaly on your Belt and the Leather rubs abit off.

This blade had been everything I have been...

This blade had been everything I have been looking for in a scramasax for a long time. Ideal size for every day Carrying. Came sharp as hel fast as hel.
I could not ask for more. The craftsmanship is extraordinary, being a carpenter I have a high bar, I couldn't ask for more for a great price. Hail the gods. Hail the knife maker

This is THE knife of all knives. Sharp as...

This is THE knife of all knives. Sharp as hell from the get go, super comfortable carry options. Cuts through everything like butter as well. The knife itself is very well weighted and fairly even. The craftsmanship is amazing. 10/5

Stefan Eakers
Modern Seax, Camp Knife

Absolutely excellent camp knife, just what I wanted.
Would highly recommend knife and website.